10lb Coldfire Complete System


10 lb. Coldfire Foam Complete Remote System. Includes:
1  – 10lb Coldfire Foam Bottle
1 – Injector with bracket
3  -Nozzles
1 – 10′ tubing
1 – 3 Feet Release Cable
2 – 3/8″ Mounting Brackets

At the time of shipping there is extra $35.00 charge for the hazardous shipping.

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DJ Safety SFI 17-1 Coldfire Bottles are filled with a environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, non corrosive harmless plant and water based agent. Coldfire is biodegradable listed fire extinguishing agent: EPA-SNAP Listed.
All fire bottles have a maximum operating pressure of 1000psi and are manufactured to DOT specifications of CFR49 DOT 3AL.

Store or use in 35˚ F to 130˚ F environment. (-40˚ F special order upon request.)
Coldfire is a non-combustible, pH 7.5 fire suppressing agent for class B oil/fuel fires. Suitable for class A wood and paper fires. Reduces re-flash and leaves no residue.
Caution: do not drop bottle, gauge indicates pressure only.
Solution may cause dryness of the skin, also may irritate eyes if sprayed directly into them.

SFI requires ReCert on SFI 17-1 every two years.

SFI Spec 17.1, Para 2.7; Max Life Cycle of a bottle is six years from the manufacturers stamp on the bottle.

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